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Welcome to the FUNcube Dongle (FCD) Wiki!



If you find a link on these pages to Yahoo! please ask for help at the new group here https://groups.io/g/FCDProPlus


Buy a Funcube Dongle


Note there are two very different versions with similar names, the older Pro and the newer Pro+ Make sure you know which version you have.


They are both "Plug and play" no drivers require installing. DO NOT APPLY ZADIG this has no uses with the FCD.


Newer computers, especially USB3, not always "Plug and Play" First, try ALL available sockets.

USB problems on newer computers, the FCDP+ is not working properly.  Look here if your FCD is not recognised or you have no frequency control.


If your FCD stops working FIRST CHECK ALL AUDIO AND CONFIGURATION SETTINGS. Windows Update? Other programs? These DO change!

May 2018, recently reported Windows settings to try if the FCD or other audio feature does not work:- [SDR# may give an audio error message "Unanticipated host error"]
A security feature, you may have to allow access to your device. Check  PC settings/privacy/microphone and set it to "let apps use
my microphone" See here http://sdr-kits.net/documents/VNWA_Windows_10_Privacy_settings.pdf VNWA or any other audio device
Unable to select speaker output:- Control Panel/Sound/Playback set the Speaker output to "Default".

More problems that may cause an FCD not to  function.


What is FUNcube Dongle?


What software can I use with Windows?

The Dashboard for FUNcube.

FOXtelem for FOXsats.

Using HDSDR V2.7 with FCDPP Step-by-step procedure for using your FUNcube Dongle Pro+ with HDSDR software.  PDF by Steve N9IP. Includes fault finding, everything to get you going.


What software can I use with Linux?


How can I use the FCD on an Apple Mac?

  Richard Langley's Initial Assessment of FCD+ Using a MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8. and Windows 7


Why is my FCD deaf?


How do I calibrate the frequency?


Using with other programs


Using with other radio.


Firmware for Pro+ and the FCHid test and control utility.


Firmware and Downloads for the Original version.


I'm new to SDR - what it's all about?


Glossary - what do all those terms and abbreviations mean?


Faulty Funcube Dongle?


Useful links:

  FUNcube Dongle home page

  FUNcube Dongle Yahoo group

  FUNcube Dongle Pro+ Yahoo group

  FUNcube Dongle Pro+ downloads and documentation

  FUNcube Dongle - Technical FAQ

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